Troop Guidelines and Bylaws

The following document contains a wealth of information concerning how Troop 180 functions:
Troop 180 Guidelines and Bylaws (2003 edition).

Troop 180 Leadership Positions - Duties and Responsibilities

The following document describes the positions of leadership for the youth in Troop 180. The document lists the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities for each leadership position.
Troop 180 Leadership Positions.

Troop 180 Grubmaster Guide

The following document is a guide to help Grubmasters plan their menu prior to a campout, plan the duty roster, and manage the food budget. It also gives tips for shopping for the food and preparing for the campout. Lastly, it describes the responsibilities for the Grubmaster both during and after the campout.
Troop 180 Grubmaster Guide.